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At Demetriou & Demetriou LLC we strive to provide excellence in the services we offer in the fundamental sector of Corporate and Commercial Law and aspire to succeed in achieving elite business solutions for our clients, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Our Firm offers a vast range of services in this specialised area of law which include:

  • Corporate and Financial Consulting
  • International Tax Planning
  • Formation and Administration of Companies
  • Trust Formation aηd Administration and Fiduciary Services
  • All other related matters

Βy recognising that each client is unique with particular concerns, we formulate tailor-made solutions to address every client's financial, business, banking and corporate requirements and offer a fully comprehensive collection of services adapted to the specific circumstances of each client.

Oυr mission is to provide a first class service, by using the most appropriate structures for the benefit of our clients and achieving the maximum tax-saving solution possible through the cooperation with our associated Chartered Accountants.

We are consistently helping ουr clients to achieve the best possible solutions that best fit to their requirements in a professional and cost effective manner and provide extensive and exclusive services to selected clients all over the world specialising in Corporate, as well as in Tax Law.

Over the ensuing years, Demetriou & Demetriou LLC has experienced tremendous professional success and growth and now proudly stands as one of the most respectful legal firms in the country comprising of an exceptionally efficient and dynamic team of lawyers and a highly competent administrative team, situated in a strategic location of Cyprus. Larnaca has been steadily experiencing a tremendous economic and structural growth in the last decade, with the recently established National Airport, offering world class, state of the art facilities and welcoming millions of satisfied visitors.

The key characteristics of our firm are professionalism, balanced with an equally ardent commitment to a collaborative work environment and the rendition of superior legal services that can be performed in a supportive atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

The legal and business worlds develop and transform through the years and so is Demetriou & Demetriou L.L.C which responds to the changing environment, progressing and growing, always with the aim of offering elite and up to date services and advice and with the everlasting values and commitments of professional excellence to our clients.


We provide private consulting with our clients or their advisors, focusing οn the needs and requirements of ουr clients and covering areas of corporate structuring, tax planning, financial advice, investment advice and other related areas.

Our legal and accountancy teams assess the needs of each individual client and advise them οn the most beneficial structure that would facilitate client's concerns and requirements.


Company formation and administration

We specialise in the registration and administration of companies in Cyprus and abroad.

Currently, Cyprus operates one of the most attractive business environments in the European Union. Due to our vast experience aηd expertise, we are capable of offering our clients advice, support and guidance in all aspects of the Cyprus economic and legal systems, as well as offshore Company information and administration. Our Corporate department deals with all matters relating to the management and operation of companies, legal due diligence and regulatory issues.



Demetriou & Demetiou LLC offers its valuable Nominee Services to its clients in an effort to maintain client anonymity and privacy protection, keep business details and planning confidential and private and combine the above with limited liability and beneficial tax planning strategies.


Accountancy and Tax

The accountancy services are offered by our associate firm of chartered accountants, who are committed to delivering an expert and professional service by blending technical, practical and business expertise to each engagement.
The services include audit and assurance, accounting and financial reporting, consulting, international and Cyprus tax planning.

The main area of expertise of our associate firm of chartered accountants is in the area of international tax planning and advising overseas clients on the different international tax structures to suit each client’s needs in order to mitigate the overall tax payable using Cyprus entities.



Demetriou & Demetriou LLC possess wide and varied experience in banking law and related matters. In acting as legal adviser to most domestic commercial banks, the firm deals on everyday basis with questions arising from opening of accounts, documentation used by banks, the operation and closure of bank accounts, bankers’ confidentiality issues, letters of credit, guarantees and the entire spectrum of banking instruments and products.

Some of our associates include: Marfin Popular Bank, Universal Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Makrasyka Bank. Due to our close cooperation with local banks in particular, we are able to achieve higher rates for deposits and lower rates on loans for our clients.

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